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The SMAC CRM App helps you to manage your customers and business while you are on the move. Use your mobile into a personal sales assistant to analyze your everyday activities and focus on what matters the most. Manage your schedule, track your sales visits, collaborate with your team to grow your sales and nurture client relationships with timely customer support.

How SMAC CRM can help you


Building Customer Relationship Better

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Benefits of using CRM software

SMAC CRM software has many potential benefits for businesses of all sizes. Increase customer relationships, expand sales and revenue, boost customer barrier and are just some of the benefits it offers. Here’s a look at a few more reasons why your business needs our CRM software.

Greater Efficiency for Multiple Teams

Gain Insights to Better Understand Your Business

Maximize Your Business Performance

Target and Build Relationships with New Customers


A fully integrated CRM tailored to the needs of your business.

Stable, secure and optimized development of business with adopting your process with agility structured communication.


Integrate SMAC CRM with the apps you love

SMAC CRM fits perfectly into your existing business system by seamlessly integrating with a host of popular business apps

It's free